viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

The Teacher as a Person

I state two characteristics of the teacher as a person in the following way:  
Role of  Fairness and Respect
Costructive social interactions contribute  to Ss learning and achievement and increase Ss self-esteem.
Effective teachers demonstrate interest in students' lives .
Role of caring 
two-way communication that exudes trust, tact, honesty,humility,and care.
effective teachers care  for the student first as a person and then as a student.
Respects each student as an individual.

The two characteristics above are pretty important for me; however, I have taken just some of the qualities of an effective teacher as a person since they are many. But the ones I picked are in somehow similar and represent the attitude a teacher shows toward teaching profession. Besides, in these two characteristics teachers have something in common; that is to say, they are seen as leaders, and the ones that invest in their own education something that really struck in my mind because nowadays it is rarely to see a teacher interested in his or her own learning except those who are not already involved in the traditional way of teaching. It would be nice if we teachers could combine these two characteristics and also the ones I did not mention but this is a matter of being aware of what the teaching and learning process are all about.  Clearly, effective teachers as persons model to their students that education and learning are valuable by taking classes and participating in professional development, conferences, and in-service training, too.

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